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what is Contractors NYC? what service can I Find on Contractors NYC? How can I use Contractors NYC? why contractors nyc.com?

New York's Contractors NYC

New York's Contractors NYC


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How Contractors NYC Works!

Contractors nyc is your best resource for all phases of Home Improvements for a FREE Estimate click here How It Works?


Step 1: Request - You submit your project request and description to ContractorsNYC.com

Step 2: Match - We will send your project information to all qualified contractors in your area. Your contact information stays confidential until contractor decides to respond to your project.

Step 3: Select - You choose the contractor, who satisfies your needs the most and let the work begin!

Step 4: Contact - Contractors who are interested in your project contact you directly and submit job estimates Construction and General Contractors projects.

  Contractorsnyc offers top rated NYC General Contractors : Online service designed to help homeowners find reliable, reputable contractors to do everything from quick painting projects to major remodels. Contractorsnyc.com also has made a commitment to help raise industry standards. The company provides seminars, information and training for contractors and Builders on how to improve customer service. Vision: To help homeowners find qualified contractors and Builders for all their home improvement needs, quickly and easily. Services provided: Homeowners can find painters, roofers, landscapers, masons, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, builders, kitchen and bathroom Remodeler and more via Contractors NYC .com. The company has a list of major projects and 128 services that our contractors provide. Contractors NYC Builders requirements: Contractors NYC .com contractors must be properly licensed and insured. A list of references is checked, along with a personal interview. While Contractors NYC .com does not guarantee the work of individual contractors, this pre-screening process eliminates a great deal of headaches and homework for the homeowners. Cost for services: Homeowners use our service free of charge. Leads provided: Homeowners receive referrals from qualified, reputable contractors per project, as many as 5 contractors will be given your name and phone number and they will contact you promptly as this is another one of Contractors NYC requirements. We hope you enjoy our service and hope you will visit us again when you have another Contractors project in the future and don't forget to tell your friends about this useful service. Fill out this form below and a representative will contact you promptly or you can visit our main web site Contractors NYC to find out more about us. Our outstanding record speaks for it self, Contact us for a list of references and a FREE Quote. If by chance we can't handle the job we will be honest and tell you. Then we would be able to put you in touch with the right contractor for your project at no charge to you. We only recommend contractors that have worked with in the past, have the same practices as we do, have been in business for at least 10 years and most of all are licensed, insured and bonded contractorsnyc.com.

I am a Contractor How Do I Join Your Program?

The following information is what we say to Contractors about our Referral Program.

“To become a member of our Contractor Referral Program we use the following Criteria as we require that the Contractor”:

· Have a positive working relationship with Contractors NYC and Consumers.

· Be Licensed and Bonded with no claims against your Bond.

· Have a good reputation in the roofing and general contracting community, and not have had repeated complaints from homeowners.

· Be responsive with immediate follow-up on any Contractor NYC  Referrals.

· Show Contractorsnyc offered products on Referred Sales Contacts wherever possible.

· Notify Contractor NYC immediately, whenever you’re too busy to follow up on a contractors Referral.

· Be clearly reciprocating other business to Contractor NYC for being part of the Contractor Referral Program.

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