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  • How to choose the right type of hammer.
    Available: 16ozs, 20ozs, 22oz, 24ozs. Select the weight most convenient to work with. The heavier the hammer, the less blows it takes to drive the nail. The bigger the nail, the heavier the hammer should be.  


    Fair blow: Nail struck squarely. Hand at bottom of shaft:  


    Foul blow:  


    Claw: Drives and withdraws. Useful hint: Using a small block of waste wood under a hammer head prevents damage and helps increase leverage.  


    How to take care of your hammer.
    A dirty hammer face will tend to slip and cause damage. Keep clean as below:  


    Use a downward pressure on emery cloth or fine glass paper to clean.  


    About 60 is the correct angle for rip-sawing.  


    About 45 is the correct angle for cross-cut sawing. Useful hint: Pointing the first finger down the saw will help balance and gives better control.  


    If saw leaves line, twist handle slightly and draw back into line.  


    If saw not square, bend or bow the blade very carefully until the cut is corrected.  



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