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Hot Water Cylinder Wrap
Hot Water Cylinder Wrap is a 50mm thick fibreglass blanket faced with a 1250mm wide fire retardant foil (Flamestop 524) on one side. It comes in one size that fits all common sizes of hot water cylinders.

What difference will it make in my home?
Hot Water Cylinder Wrap provides extra insulation to reduce the standard heat loss from electric hot water cylinders. This means less power is needed to maintain a temperature and therefore less money is spent on electricity. It is particularly effective on cylinders made prior to 1998, having lower standards of existing insulation. In addition, if power is turned off for any reason, your water will stay hotter for longer with the assistance of Cylinder Wrap.

How do I install Hot Water Cylinder Wrap?

  • Use a sharp knife

  • Wrap the entire hot water cylinder with foil side out

  • Cap the cylinder with a circle cut from the remaining material

  • We recommend the wearing of long sleeves, gloves and a dust mask

  • Installation details are on every pack. Ask for more assistance at your local Carters store if required.  


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