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What do the different R values mean?

Bulk insulation slows down the heat flow through walls, ceilings and floors of houses. The term 'R' value is a measure of a product's resistance to heat flow. Therefore, the thicker the product the higher the R value will be and your home will benefit from greater thermal insulation and comfort. Pink™ Batts® is a bulk glass wool insulation designed specifically for the insulation of ceilings and walls in homes and other buildings. Pink™ Batts® are available in six ceiling thermal performance grades being: R1.8, R2.2, R2.6, R3.2, R3.6, R4.0. Pink™ Batts® are available in two wall thermal performance grades being: R1.8 and R2.2.

    Pink™ Batts® provide:

  • Warmth - your home will retain more heat than before increasing your family's level of comfort.
    Of a home's total heat loss 45% is lost through the ceiling and 20% through the walls.
  • Coolness - Pink™ Batts® insulation reduces heat gain through ceilings and walls in the summer.
  • Energy savings - when the insulation of a home is well designed and properly installed, it can save up to 50% on heating bills.
  • Moisture control - the installation of Pink™ Batts® gives a home drier, healthier air.
  • Investment protection - installing Pink™ Batts® will reduce the incidence of condensation and subsequent mould from your home.
  • Noise control - the acoustic properties of Pink™ Batts® insulation will promote quieter environments within your home.  


Why do I need to insulate?
Whether you’re building or renovating, there are four main reasons:
1. To make your home more comfortable to live in by stabilising the inside temperature.
2. To save money on heating and cooling costs.
3. To make your home healthier and drier.
4. To do your thing for the environment. If your home is insulated correctly you should be using less electricity as well as experiencing a reduction in noise levels between rooms.  


How does insulation work?
Insulation cuts down on heat transfer. In winter less heat escapes and in summer less heat enters.  


What to insulate?
The roof is the most important, followed by the exterior walls and then the floor. 45% of heat is lost through the roof, 20% through the walls, 20% through the floor and a further 15% through the windows. By insulating internal walls you will reduce noise levels within your home.  


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