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When do I need a building permit?
A building permit is required for building work as defined in the Building Act 1991 including: structural building (including new buildings), plumbing work, drainage work; heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems necessary for the functioning life of the building; lifts, site works associated with the building, relocation of a second-hand building; alteration to any of the above.
A building permit allows you to carry out building work in accordance with the consent and associated plans and specifications, provided all other requirements have been met.  

Building Information System

How do I obtain a Building Permit?
Building Consent application forms are available from any Council office, or they can be posted out to you.
In order to lodge a Building Consent application, it will be necessary to make an appointment with the council relevant to the location of the proposed work.
The receiving officer will check your application to make sure all the details have been covered and calculate the fee payable at this stage (based on the estimated value of the work). This deposit will cover the processing of your application and the general administration fee. There may be additional charges. Fees and charges are listed in the schedule of charges available from Council offices.
Your application will then be assessed for compliance with the New Zealand Building Code. The Council may use specialist consultants to assist in this assessment.
Providing all the required information is supplied with the application, your consent will be available within ten working days for projects up to an estimated value of $500,000 and twenty working days for larger projects. If additional information is required, processing the consent will be suspended until the information is received.
During the process of construction, inspections will be necessary to confirm all the work complies with your Building Consent and Building Code. These can be carried out by the Council or, if you wish, by a Building Certifier approved by the Building Industry Authority.
When it is confirmed that your project complies with the Building Code, a Code Compliance Certificate will be issued.
NOTE: This is a summary of the effects of the Act. Detailed information is contained in the Act, Regulations and Approved Documents which are available for reference at the council offices.  


What should I do when the work is completed?
To enable the issue of the required Code Compliance Certificate you will need to notify the Building Department when the work has been completed. The form for this is attached to your Building permit, and when completed should be returned to the appropriate agency.
A final inspection of the work will then be carried out to ensure that it complies with the New York Building Code and Compliance Certificate issued.  


Can I arrange for someone outside the building department to process my application and inspect the work?
You can engage an approved Building Certifier (approved by the Building Industry Authority) to certify that your proposal meets the requirements of the New York Building Code, following which the Council would issue the permit.
Your designer should be able to provide you with the names of approved certifiers.  


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New York building Supply And Material

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