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    Roof painting
    If you are using acrylic paint, which is the most common these days, don't paint iron if it is cold to touch. Acrylic paint should not be applied under 10°C. Apart from being an energy sapping exercise, painting in very hot conditions does not allow the paint to flow, and dries it out quickly. What’s more, in most cases, the usage of paint is excessive.

    A good 100mm brush is ideal for the valleys and ridges whilst a roller provides an easier, good quality job when painting the corrugated iron.

    Paint chimneys, valleys and ridges first, then paint the roof from the ridge to the guttering without stopping down each sheet of iron.

    Ceilings - If using acrylic paint on ceilings, spot prime all water marks with pigmented sealer.

    Rough cast surfaces -

  • When using acrylic paints for repainting, avoid cracking by using a woolly roller in preference to a brush.
  • For new work, dampen the surface prior to application of the first coat.

    Oil based paints - Protect your brush by wrapping it in plastic food wrap overnight. If you have no plastic food wrap, immerse your brush in cold water (shake off water prior to use).

    Varnishing - Select a good quality brush. Comb out any loose bristles by flicking the brush on netting. Wash it in turps to remove any dust. When applying varnish, do not flood on - apply it in thin coats.

    Sanding down surfaces - Use a flat block and sand down, following the wood grain. Use a "silicon paper" in between coats using turps as a lubricant. Wipe off all dust with a rag or a clean cloth dampened with mineral turps.

    Painting suggestions
    - Paint from window area to the wall opposite. This way any missed spots can be seen more readily.

    For best results, good preparation is essential.

    The time and energy you put into preparation is important. A second top coat of paint will extend the life of your paint job and give you more of your own time to enjoy.  


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