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Step 1: Preparing Holes
Dig 250mm diameter holes without disturbing surrounding soil - use of an auger or powered posthole borer is recommended - these can be hired. Before setting the posts, remove or compact any loose soil in the holes. Place 100mm of compacted base metal in each hole. Set the posts, adjusting their height by adding or removing base metal as required.  


Step 2: Aligning Posts
Use a batter board and spirit level to position the posts: plum when looking directly at wall, battered on a 1 in 10 slope when looking along the wall (see below).  

(Click for a bigger image)


Step 3: Concrete Posts
Concrete in the posts using a mix of 1 part cement to 6 parts builder's mix. Leave two days to set. Alternatively, back fill the posts with well rammed builder's mix.  


Step 4: Fixing Edged Half Logs
Use ground treated H4 edged half logs as the rails (see below). Fix with 150mm galvanised nails, so that joints are at the posts and stagger the rail joints along the wall. Leave a small 5mm gap between rails to assist drainage.  

(Click for a bigger image)


Step 5: Drainage and Backfill
Lay drainflo so that it falls slightly in the direction the water is to flow to the outlet. Backfill with free draining gravel or scoria.  




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